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Terms and Agreement

Don’t do this

If you’re using our WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA product photos
1. Don’t crop or remove the logo
2. Don’t false advertise by any manner
3. Don’t change our Logos or Banners
4. Don’t offer Unofficial Discounts or Coupon Codes

We recommend you take your own photo on our showroom.
We don’t allow wide angle shot of our showroom and posting it on your wall or in timeline which may mislead customer that you own the furniture store

How it Works
* For you to do business with us we will issue a card for you to use on our STORE, this card will have special discounts for your customers.
• We will create a group messenger, to help you with all the information you need in selling our products
• The account that you register with the group messenger is the only account that you will use in selling our items (no other account should be used)
• We don’t allow that you sell other furniture company or other similar in nature of business on your account.

  1. Take a photo on our showroom
  2. Post in on your selected platform
  3. 10% commission (excluding delivery)
  4. Use our online prices
  5. Screen shoot our online furniture items and prices and show it to our sales rep when you visit to our showroom to avail online prices.
  6. Bring your customer on our showroom(s)
  7. We don’t allow you buy the furniture on behalf of the customer and use your own name on our official receipt
  8. We will base the final price whichever is lower (online or physical store price)
  9. You’re not allowed to go with delivery service
  10. Must have G cash account in receiving your commission
  11. Releasing of commission is in the afternoon after full payment and delivery.
  12. Discounts exceeding 25% – commission will be adjusted accordingly.
  13. In case you did not accompanied your customer to our showroom, and failure to advise us, and the customer already bought and we issued a receipt, we will not honor you the sale and the commission.

A few examples to help you understand how to apply these Guidelines:

• Take a photo on our showroom
• Bring your customer to our showroom
• Follow the prices we posted (which ever is lower)
if your using our website and social media photos:
• Use our photo from our social media accounts and share it
• Follow the furniture model and prices from our website
• Be clear that you’re not a reseller or the owner of the store or the owner of the furniture items
• Just follow the format we gave in posting our items

• You made a facebook business page, or personal account and call it furniture Iloilo and appliance store any similar names with “furnitureiloilo trade mark on it”
• You turned your personal account into a furniture store ex. Juan Furniture Store, or Juan Online Store which mislead customer that you own the furniture that you are selling
• You set up a website called: furnitureiloilo.com
• You set up a website called: furnitureiloilo.org
• You set up a group page or group messenger called “furnitureiloilo group”
• You must not confuse or mislead people that you are the owner of furniture store or the furniture that you sell
*Use our prices we don’t allow overpricing.

You are only allowed to post our furniture items USING your PERSONAL Facebook Account.

Posting our furniture items in other pages and market place are allowed as long as you use your Personal Facebook Account.

Using/creating other accounts, pages, website etc which may mislead people that you own the furniture you sell are not allowed.

Prices on our website changes from time to time, always double check latest prices.

Overpricing is not allowed.

We reserve the right to modify this terms and condition if needed.

Incase you don’t follow our terms and agreements , and the company decides to stop doing business with you, we reserve the the right to make you delete all of our product photos on your social media accounts and other platform.

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